International Conference on Mechanisms of Antimutagens and Anticarcinogens (ICMAA)

The series of successful conferences on mechanisms of antimutagenesis and anticarcinogenesis have been held every 2–3 years since 1985. Since the meeting in 2000, these meetings have been under the umbrella of the IAEMS.

    10th ICMAA (in conjunction with the International Nutrigenomics Conference)
    September 26–29, 2010, Guarujá, Brazil
    Chair: Lucia Regina Ribeiro

    9th ICMAA
    December 1–5, 2007, Jeju Island, South Korea
             Meeting Report
             ICMAA Poster

    8th ICMAA
    October 4–8, 2003, Pisa, Italy
             Meeting Report
             Agenda & Scientific Program

    7th ICMAA
    September 23–27, 2000, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

    6th ICMAA
    October 25–29, 1998, Arcachon, Bordeaux, France

    5th ICMAA
    December 2–6, 1996, Okayama, Japan

    4th ICMAA
    September 4–9, 1994, Banff, Canada

    3rd ICMAA
    May 5–10, 1991, II Ciocco, Italy

    2nd ICMAA
    December 4–9, 1988, Ohito, Japan

    1st ICMAA
    October 16–20, 1985, Lawrence, Kansas, USA