Historical Meetings of Member Societies

Asian Conference on Environmental Mutagens

    4th ACEM
    Hosted by the Environmental Mutagen Society of India
    December 10–12, 2014, Kolkata, India
             Meeting Report

    3rd ACEM
    15th Conference of Chinese Environmental Mutagen Society
    October 23–26, 2012, Hangzhou, China
             Meeting Report

    2nd ACEM
    Hosted by Thai Environmental Mutagen Society
    December 15–18, 2010, Pattaya, Thailand
             Meeting Report

    1st ACEM
    November 29–30, 2007, Kita-kyusha, Japan
             Meeting Report

European Environmental Mutagen Society

    44th EEMS Annual Meeting
    August 23–26, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic
    Hosted by Czech and Slovak EMS

    43rd EEMS Annual Meeting
    July 6–10, 2014, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom

    42nd EEMS Annual Conference
    September 16–20, 2012, Warsaw, Poland

    41st EEMS Meeting
    July 4–7, 2011, Fira Palace Hotel and Convention Centre, Barcelona, Spain
    Organized by Prof. Jordi Surralles, University Autònoma of Barcelona

Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society

Environmental Mutagen Society of India

    International Conference of Biotechnological Advances in Environmental Health and Biodiversity Conservation (EHBC) & 39th EMS India Annual Meeting
    May 21–23, 2015, Manipur University, Imphal, India
    Organized by State Biotechnology Hub, Department of Chemistry, Manipur University in coordination with Environmental Mutagen Society of India
    Organizing Secretary Debananda S. Ningthoujam

    Third Circular

The Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society

    42nd JEMS Annual Meeting
    November 29–20, 2013, Okayama, Japan
             Meeting Report

Korean Environmental Mutagen Society

    ASIA TOX 2015
    June 2015, Jeju island, Korea
    Organized by Korean Society of Toxicology & Asian Society of Toxicology
    President, ASIATOX VII Organizing Committee Dr. Myung-Haing Cho

    13th International Congress of Toxicology 2013
    June 30–July 4, 2013 Seoul, Korea
    Hosted by Korean Environmental Mutagen Society and Korea Society of Toxicology

Pan African Environmental Mutagen Society

    6th PAEMS International Conference
    November 3–5, 2008, Cape Town, South Africa
             Meeting Report
             Scientific Program

    5th PAEMS International Conference
    November 24–27, 2005, Fez, Morocco
             Meeting Report

Sociedade Brasileira de Mutagênese Carcinogênesee Teratogênese Ambiental

    Congress of the Brazilian Mutagen Society “New Challenges in Genetic Toxicology and Toxicogenomics concerned to Health and Environment”
    June 5–8, 2011, Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde, Sao Pedro, SP. Brazil